88/2 Moo2 Rawai Muang


June 2020

We are pleased to announce that the construction of Calypso Garden Residences is completed and we have received the Building Certification!

April – May 2020

Now, the construction completion of the facility is 99%.

The landscaping and arrangement of the entrance zone are at the completion stage.

The apartments are being handed over.

Documents for assigning and commissioning are being signed by local authorities.


March 2020

We are in the process of putting the Project into operation and getting the Certificate of Commissioning (Ar. 6).

At the same time, we are completing all construction work and proceed to get Condominium License.




January – February 2020

At the moment, we’ve started dismantling scaffolding.

The finishing of the lobby is almost completed.

The finishing of the entrance area is being completed.

The finishing of the pool area on the 1st floor is being completed.

Stair rails are being installed on the central staircase.

Works on the rooftop are almost completed.


December 2019

Ceilings are being installed in the common area.

Lightning fittings installation is being completed in the units.

Elevator walls are being coated with the decorative pargeting.

Rooftop is almost completed.

The condominium building is connected to the permanent power supply.

Entrance doors and air conditioning are being installed.


November 2019

The painting of the facade is completed at 95%.

The work on providing the entry group is well underway.

The final element is the decoration of common areas of the facilities. 

The frame of the elevator slopes made with marble and painting will be finished soon.

Plumbing equipment is being installed.

Also, the installation of kitchens units is being made.

More than half of the roof work has already been completed.





October 2019

Tiling works in common areas are nearly over.

The rooftop swimming pool finishing is nearing completion.

The construction of the rooftop fitness room is going on at full speed.

Units are being fitted with electrical equipment.

Apartment electric meters and related electrical equipment on the floors have been installed.

The facility has been provided with electric power supply.

Facade painting works have been started.



September 2019

We started finishing the common areas.

The corridors are ready for painting and the granite is laid.

Installation of the equipment for the septic tank is near completion.

The work on the decoration of the facade is almost complete.

We started decorating the rooftop pool.

The bathrooms are finished. Plumbing equipment has already been brought to the facility and is awaiting installation.



August 2019

The installation of balcony doors on the 5th floor is near completion. We started installing wooden ceilings on the balconies. On the roof, work is underway for the construction of the frame of the gym.

A septic tank for wastewater treatment has been installed.

The 5th and 6th floors are ready for installation of lighting, sockets, switches and kitchens.

Work is underway to connect the building to the electrical networks.

Balcony rails are installed simultaneously on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors.

There will also be an installation of elevators.

In the first half of September we plan to begin installing plumbing equipment.


July 2019

Furnishing units is in full swing. The installation of built-in furniture on the 6th floor is nearing completion. In early August, there is a plan to begin the installation of kitchens.

Balcony sliding doors for 6th and 5th floors were delivered to the facility and are being prepared for installation.

The first element of the glass fence on the balcony is installed.

The installation of granite countertops in the bathrooms have began.

The finishing is still in progress within the units.

Preparatory work is underway for the installation of a septic tank.


June 2019

Every day more and more apartments acquire their final shape. There is still a lot of work, but its completion is just around the corner.

We started attaching the walls with decorative panels.

On two floors the laying of tiles on the walls in the bathrooms have been completed.

On the 6th floor the laying of tiles on the floor is almost complete.

The procedure of painting the walls started.

Elevator equipment will be delivered to the site. The start of the installation is planned for early July.

The facade is ready for completion.



May 2019

At the moment we have begun to lay electrical cables and have already finished laying on the 6th and 5th floors.

Simultaneously with the laying of electrical cables, the ceilings are fixed with plasterboard.

Work has begun on laying tiles in the bathrooms.

Contracts for production and installation of built-in furniture and kitchens in apartments are signed. 

April 2019

Plastering works on the 5th and 6th floors have been completed. In the middle of May, we will complete the 3rd and 4th floors.

The installation of all communications in public places has been completed. The installation of air conditioning has also been completed.

The contract for production and installation of the window and door designs has been signed.

All work goes according to schedule.




March 2019

The laying of pipes for water supply, sewage, fire extinguishing and electrics is under construction. The next stage is the laying of electrical cables.

We started the plastering work and are already completing the 6th floor plastering.

In parallel, work is underway to prepare the facades for plastering.



February 2019

The construction of brick walls are in the process of being completed.

Preparations are underway for finishing work on the outside of the building.

The inside of the building is also under construction – which includes the plastering of the walls. The next stage of construction will be laying the porcelain stoneware, which has already been delivered to the construction site and is waiting for its turn.

We are approaching the completion of the sewage pipes, plumbing and electrics. In early March, we plan to begin laying electrical cables.




January 2019

About 80% of all brick partitions has been erected (all partitions on floors 1-5 have been erected).

Scaffolding for facade finishing works is being erected.

Сonstruction of internal water supply networks, sewage, electric and communication networks is in full progress.

In February finishing works in the swimming pool are planned.

Ceramic tile has been delievered to the building object and we are going to lay it soon.

At the moment checking of water tanks tightness is being performed.

We are planning to start finishing works of the swimming pool on the roof soon.

The last preparations for finishing works on the exploited roof are being made.




December 2018

All concrete works were completed on the 25th of December.

Brick partitions are being erected on all floors. These works were 100% finished on the ground, first and second floors.

Preparation for stuccoing is being in process on the floors with erected partitions.

Works on laying communications, electricity, water supply, and water disposal are being carried on parallel with erection of partitions.

Works on facades have been started. Scaffolding is being installed.






November 2018

Brick partitions have been erected on the ground floor. At the moment walls are being erected on the first and second floors. In February 2019 95% of all walls and partitions are to be finished.

The works on kid’s swimming pool bowl are in process.

Erection of pure water tanks is coming to an end.

Concrete works on monolite constructions are in progress.

The image and the architecture of the building are being formed, the building “ is coming to life”.



October 2018

Within this stage vertical construction works of 5 floor has been finished.

Brick partition work has started from ground floor.

Preparation for installation of storage tanks is in the process.

August-September 2018

The erection of the parking floor and the ground floor is finished at the given stage of construction.

The engineering of the monolithic part of the first floor of the building is in full progress.

Excavation is carried out for the installation of drinking water tanks as well.




July 2018

The beginning of the construction.


Excavation. Excavation of the soil under the level of the platen of the parking floor. Preparation for erecting bored piles is in process. 50% of excavation has been completed at this stage of the construction.



Excavation. Excavation of the soil under the level of the platen of the investment floor. Preparation for erecting bored piles is in process. 90% of excavation has been completed at this stage of the construction. Rock development is being done.


Erection of bored piles which are the foundation of the building.


Erection of lucky pile. According to Thai traditions one of the basic structures must be blessed at the beginning of the construction. Day and place are chosen according to the special calendar.


Erection of the first foundation cushion.


Erection of foundation cushions resting on previously erected piles.


90% of erecting foundation cushions. Beginning of erecting the walls fencing the parking floor.


Setting up of concrete slab being the base of the parking floor.

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